#3 Reading Response Journal Entry

The book I finished is called Master Piece by Elise Broach. This book made me feel very adventurous because the beetle (Marvin who is the main character) who is suppose to be staying in his home, he doesn't listen but just goes off to save a very famous drawing at a art museum. One connection I had was was the beetle (Marvin) and my sister (Georgia) because Marvin was really adventurous (For a beetle) and Georgia is a really adventurous person too. Because Georgia would do any challenge. This connection really helped me understand this book because that way I knew what kind of beetle Marvin is. This was a just right book because I understand the book and I was able to tell a summary about it.

Marvin, through out the story, in the beginning he wasn't really brave at all. When his cousin and he went out to the turtle tank, Marvin didn't want to even see it. But through out the story leading into the end, he became more proud about his self and brave. And James, (not a beetle but a human) in the beginning he was very sad because his birthday wasn't fun and his mother and father got divorced. But through out the middle and the end of the story James was happy that he had saved a drawing from getting stolen. Marvin really helped James.

In the end of this book, Marvin and James finds all of the famous drawings that were stolen. But the one thing I would change about this book is instead of james breaking his arm, his father and mother would get back together. I think ther author's message in this book is to help your friends when ever there is a problem or if your friend is not feeling well.