#5 Reading Response Journal Entry

The Civil War book I just finished is called "Gentle Annie" by Mary Shura. This book made my feel sad and happy. That's because there was a lot of dying of family members but there was a happy ending. One connection I had with the book was one of my friends really wanted to do something that she had dreamed of doing but then her parents thought it was a bad and dangerous thing to do but in the end she ended up doing it anyways. And in "Gentle Annie" Annie really wanted to enlist in the Civil War to be a nurse. But her friend's parents don't want her to sign up because they think it is dangerous but in the end she anyways does it. This connection helped me learn more about the main character like about how they act, feel and act to others. This is a just right book for me because almost every word in the book I know what it means and I got a lot of connections about he book.

Annie was a very brave person especially because she is a woman. She was brave enough to sign up and become a nurse who would go around during war and help wounded soldiers. She was also a very kind person and smart person. Annie helped soldiers write letters to their home and she makes the soldiers feel more better when a soldier is wounded really badly. Annie changed during the story by becoming more braver. Sophie is Annie's best friend. Sophie really loves and cares about Annie. Like when Annie was signing up for being a nurse, she didn't want her to leave and she wrote letters to her almost every day. What made these characters change was during the Civil War a lot of people special died and a lot changed during the Civil War.

The solution was solved because Annie helped a lot of wounded and dying men and that really saved and helped the Unions. One thing I would change in this book is that instead of Edwin dying, I want the book to end like Annie goes back to her friend's family where her friend Sophie is and the she would meet Edwin and Will back at Sophie's house. I think the author's message is that you can do what ever you have dreamed of doing and don't let anyone tell you what to do.