The Sign of the Beaver\December 1th

In the colonization of America, Matt, a boy was left alone in a forest because his father was off on a long journey to get the other half of the family. Right now he is stuck in the cabin. But one day he meets a Native American in a troop called "the Beavers". One day he goes to a honey hive to get honey. But it wasn't so smart to do that. Bees chased him to the river as a Native American (Attean's grandfather) saves Matt. They have an agreement that since Attean's grandfather saved Matt, Matt would teach Attean to read and the Native Americans will bring food to Matt. Days passed and Matt and Attean went through a lot of adventures as Attean teaches Matt new things about the nature. Months have passed and now "the Beavers" have to leave to another land to live where Attean has to find his Manitou (spirit). Matt waits until his family comes. One day he sees his family coming and they settle in the cabin as Matt tells the story about the Native Americans.

Summary of the Whipping Boy

Back in the olden days, two boys Jemmy ( the whipping boy ) and Prince Brat escape. Hold Your Nose Billy and Cut water two horrible people kid-nap the two boys, but Jemmy and Prince Brat get away. They meet a couple of new friends on their adventure leading back into the town. With the changing of friend ship, Jemmy and Prince Brat try and escape again from Hold Your Nose Billy and Cut water who try and capture Jemmy and Prince Brat. This was taken place in the sewers where Jemmy and Prince Brat pour all the rats onto Hold Your Nose Billy and Cut water. This is how they get away. But Prince Brat wants to go back to the castle and asks Jemmy to go with him ( this was an order from a prince so he had to go ) So when they get to the castle, Prince Brat stops his father ( the king ) from whipping Jemmy from escaping with his son. Then something changes, Prince Brat's father says that when they escape again, bring him with them.

Summary of the

#2 Reading Response Journal Entry

The book I finished is named James and the Giant Peach by Raold Dahl. This book made me feel sorry for James because in the beginning his mother and father dies. It also made me feel sorry for him because he had to live with his mean aunties who don't treat James right. one connection about this book to another book called The BFG. They have a connection because James was really brave to go on a big adventure on a big peach with insects the size as him! And in the BFG a little girl Sophie was really brave to be taken away by a giant and enters into a world of big giants who eat people. This connection helped me learn reading more because now I get the book more because knowing you're life and knowing that in the book is the same. This a just right book for me because I can understand what problem is happening and I can follow along with the story.

James changed during the story because in the beginning he was poor, lonely and didn't have much fun things around that he could do. But when he finds the enormous peach and huge insects who turn out to be friendly, he becomes more happy and excited. I guess that he changed because they went through a lot fun adventures.

The solution was solved when the huge insects and James land in America and introduced him self to America. Then he becomes rich and all the huge insects have jobs and one even gets married to a human! After everyone eats the whole peach, all there is left is the big brown pit. So he lives in the pit and at the park where all children come and play with James. The one thing that I would like to change in this story is in the end instead of living on his own he finds a pair of parents looking for a child and finds James. So then they lived in the peach ch pit and makes it really cool inside of the pit. I think the author's message is follow what you have dreamed of instead of staying in a uncomfortable spot to live.

Reading Response Journal Entry

The book I finished is called George's Marvelous Medicine by Roald Dahl. This book made me feel that it was kind of smart that George would made a horrible medicine for his horrible grandmother because I think that George's grandmother is so mean! She even tells her grand son how dumb he is. And she also tells him gross and ugly stories that George doesn't want to hear. My connection to this text is that I would defently do a bad thing to my grandmother or tell my mother about how she is being mean because I wouldn't be able to live like that for ever.

George is a very kind, brave and smart boy because he helps his grandmother a lot. George changed a lot lot in the story because in the begining he had a sad life and he didn't act happy at all. But in the end of the story, he turned out happy and loved his life because his medicine really made his family happy and made them rich. His grandmother in the begining was very lazy, grumpy and mean. But in the end of the story, she turned out happy and not lazy. It was because of George's medicine.

I really liked the end because it turned out that their family became rich and they lived in a happy family. But one thing I want to change in this book is when George's parents come home from shopping, they get really angry that George used all of his parent's stuff for some yucky medicine. But when they feed it to the animals, thay become really impressed. I think the author's message is if a family member gets mean to you, go to your parents or any body in your family and they will solve your problem.