Joey Pigza Loses Control-May.4,2010

The book I just finished it called "Joey Pigza Loses Control" By Jack Gantos. This book made me feel bad for Joey and his mom because his mom worked so hard in helping Joey become better but his dad is not being nice to Joey and he is not helping Joey become into a better person, instead he throws away all his meds. This is why Joey's dad doesn't live with Joey and his mom. A connection I had was when Joey was feeling very worried and scared about his dad, I felt like that too.because when Joey started running away from the baseball field, he started thinking about bad things, and when I felt the same way, I also started having bad thoughts in my head. This is a just right book for me because I understand the book well and I can have good thoughts about the book.

The main character, Joey, is a very wild person. He is caring and he is thoughtful. That's because in the beginning of the book, he had always wanted to visit he's dad because he has never seen him before. And when he does go to and visit him, he notices that he wasn't that comfortable with him. And so every day he calls his mom. But one day when it was the baseball game, he acts really wild, so his dad keeps shouting at him. That's how Joey ran away to call his mom to pick him up. Another main character is Joey's dad. He was a mean person, and when he was a little bit younger, he was a bad person. And now, he says he will become a better person but he is not helping Joey take his meds. And instead, he think it is better for him not to take it, so he throws it into the toilet.

In the end of this story, Joey runs off with his mom back to where he really lives. And he decided to live with his mom rather than his dad. I agree with the end and I am happy with the end but I am also upset about the. Because I like the end because it is a good choice to leave his dad because his dad is very mean. But I also don't like the ending because he never did tell his dad he left. One thing I would like to change in this book is instead of the visit to Joey's dad house was bad, I would like the visit to be happy and fun. And I wish that Joey's dad wasn't a bad person. I think that the author's message is even if you think that you are a bad person, inside you are always a very good person.