Reading Response Journal Entry

The book I finished is called George's Marvelous Medicine by Roald Dahl. This book made me feel that it was kind of smart that George would made a horrible medicine for his horrible grandmother because I think that George's grandmother is so mean! She even tells her grand son how dumb he is. And she also tells him gross and ugly stories that George doesn't want to hear. My connection to this text is that I would defently do a bad thing to my grandmother or tell my mother about how she is being mean because I wouldn't be able to live like that for ever.

George is a very kind, brave and smart boy because he helps his grandmother a lot. George changed a lot lot in the story because in the begining he had a sad life and he didn't act happy at all. But in the end of the story, he turned out happy and loved his life because his medicine really made his family happy and made them rich. His grandmother in the begining was very lazy, grumpy and mean. But in the end of the story, she turned out happy and not lazy. It was because of George's medicine.

I really liked the end because it turned out that their family became rich and they lived in a happy family. But one thing I want to change in this book is when George's parents come home from shopping, they get really angry that George used all of his parent's stuff for some yucky medicine. But when they feed it to the animals, thay become really impressed. I think the author's message is if a family member gets mean to you, go to your parents or any body in your family and they will solve your problem.


  1. Do you think George did the right thing? Are his actions justified for the problem? Remember we are talking about a human life - even if it is in a fictional setting. I have always wondered about this. One thing to think about is would you do the same?
    Do you think that George's life would have been even more different if the medicine had not made his family rich? While we think that money can change our lifestyle, sometimes it can ruin it as well.

  2. I really liked how you explained different characters, and how they changed, and I liked how you added your thoughts in as well. Did George tell his parents? Did they do anything about it? Even though George's grandmother is not treating him well, but I don't think George should do something like that to get even. I really liked your book report.