The Sign of the Beaver\December 1th

In the colonization of America, Matt, a boy was left alone in a forest because his father was off on a long journey to get the other half of the family. Right now he is stuck in the cabin. But one day he meets a Native American in a troop called "the Beavers". One day he goes to a honey hive to get honey. But it wasn't so smart to do that. Bees chased him to the river as a Native American (Attean's grandfather) saves Matt. They have an agreement that since Attean's grandfather saved Matt, Matt would teach Attean to read and the Native Americans will bring food to Matt. Days passed and Matt and Attean went through a lot of adventures as Attean teaches Matt new things about the nature. Months have passed and now "the Beavers" have to leave to another land to live where Attean has to find his Manitou (spirit). Matt waits until his family comes. One day he sees his family coming and they settle in the cabin as Matt tells the story about the Native Americans.

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