Summary of the Whipping Boy

Back in the olden days, two boys Jemmy ( the whipping boy ) and Prince Brat escape. Hold Your Nose Billy and Cut water two horrible people kid-nap the two boys, but Jemmy and Prince Brat get away. They meet a couple of new friends on their adventure leading back into the town. With the changing of friend ship, Jemmy and Prince Brat try and escape again from Hold Your Nose Billy and Cut water who try and capture Jemmy and Prince Brat. This was taken place in the sewers where Jemmy and Prince Brat pour all the rats onto Hold Your Nose Billy and Cut water. This is how they get away. But Prince Brat wants to go back to the castle and asks Jemmy to go with him ( this was an order from a prince so he had to go ) So when they get to the castle, Prince Brat stops his father ( the king ) from whipping Jemmy from escaping with his son. Then something changes, Prince Brat's father says that when they escape again, bring him with them.

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