Joey Pigza Swallowed the Key - April 22

The book I just finished is called "Joey Pigza Swallowed the Key" by Jack Gantos. This book made me feel bad for Joey and sometimes this book made me feel surprised. It was surprising when Joey changes a lot during the whole story and how as he changes he knows what to do to become a better person. A connection I had to this story is that when Joey was trying to become a better person, he also felt worried and scared because he thought he was a bad person. And in real life, sometimes that happens to me when I am trying to become better at something. This connection helped me understand this book more because it made me understand more about how the character felt. This is a just right book for me because it made me think a lot and it made me make a lot of connections.

Joey Pigza was a very wild person. He would always want to jump around and go wild. And during this book, he tries to control him self and become a better student and person. Joey's mom, another main character in this story, also really changed during the story. Because in the beginning of this story, she would always be worried about Joey and how he would be too wild sometimes. But through out the story, she becomes more calm about things.

The problem in this story was resolved when Joey knew he had to calm his self more and he knew he had to be more careful in doing things. He always listens to his mom and understands what she says to him. Before Joey didn't remember his mom when she came back after trying to look for Joey's dad. So that time when his mom was gone, he felt really lonely even if his grandma was there. One thing I would change about this book is instead of Joey's dad leaving, he would stay with Joey and his mom. I would like to change that because it must be really hard to stay with just with your grandma until your mom or dad would come back. I think the author's message is even if you think you are a bad person, you actually may be a good person at heart.


  1. This perfectly follows the guidelines we got on Google Docs- good job! I especially like how you explained what you said in detail in the first paragraph.
    I didn't understand what you said in the last paragraph. You "would change about this book is instead of Joey's dad leaving" etc. Could you elaborate?
    P.S. I think your interpretation of the author's message was very profound. Again, good job!

  2. I really like your blog. You expressed your feelings very deeply. I really like it. I think that you need to put more details in your connection so that the reader will fully understand what you are trying to say. Other than that, you did a great job on the overall blog.

  3. I think that your blog was really good and I like how you made a connection with yourself because that gives you better understanding of how Joey feels. I also really like how your blog was in detail. I do not understand how Joey changes through out the book because you don't explain much on how he changed from going wild did he calm down like his mother or was he still wild but became a better person? Please explain. Overall your blog was very detailed and I enjoyed reading your blog.
    P.S. I'll try and read it

  4. I really like how you put a lot of detail when you were talking about what happened in the book. I also liked how you described Joeys, and his mom's personality. Something that you need to work at is describing about why you think Joey is worried when he is trying to become a better person. Overall I think your blog is very good

  5. I have read the first book of this series which explained about Joey having to take his med's because of how hyper he was. I like how you included a connection in your reading blog because it helped me understand too. I have a question: What has the title got to do with the book?
    Thanks for sharing this blog it was nicely done,

  6. Im not sure if this book is a series but the comment above me says so. I think you should explain why he is so hyper does he have ADHD because I would understand because when you have ADHD you have so much energy and bounce off walls. I think in the first paragraph you should of said how this book makes you feel. Otherwise great job.